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Support Groups

A Window Between Worlds

The Harbor offers a free, therapeutic art group for survivors of sexual assault or other forms of sexual violence.  The group is open to people of all genders, and follow a curriculum called, "A Window Between Worlds." A Window Between Worlds follows a trauma-informed approach, acknowledging that trauma is prevalent and the impacts are far reaching.

For more information, please call Julia at 503.325.3426.

Seeking Safety

This free, confidential group provides support to individuals who are healing from trauma from domestic and intimate partner violence. This group focuses on managing the effects of trauma by learning about techniques and healthy coping skills.


This group is open to anyone experiencing trauma past or present, and new members are welcome at any time. 

For more information or to register for this group, please contact Leah Sharp at

The Harbor provides free and confidential support groups throughout the year.  We offer groups for adult survivors of domestic violence, survivors who experienced sexual assault and anyone healing from trauma. Support groups are open to people of all genders.

Image by Matt Hardy

Check back for additional offerings!

Is there a group that you'd like The Harbor to consider starting?  Please feel free to contact us at, or call us anytime at 503.325.5735.

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