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About The Harbor


The Harbor’s mission is to provide advocacy, prevention and support while promoting self-determination and hope for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking.

The Harbor provides its services completely free and confidentially and has been engaged in this important work for 40 years.  What began in 1976 as a group of women and phone line has evolved into a thriving non-profit at the forefront of providing culturally  responsive services.   We provide services to residents of Clatsop County, and surrounding areas.

Our staff members are committed to self-determination and believe that you are the expert of your own needs. We are ready to listen to each individual’s story and help them navigate to a place of safety.

Through partnerships in the local area, and across Oregon, we are committed to protecting survivors.  Our goal is to break the cycle of violence through education, one on one support, practical assistance and referrals.

The Harbor is a community based non-profit and offers assistance at all stages of your process from initial conversations and safety planning with advocates, medical and legal advocacy, to helping with emergency shelter.  Drop by our advocacy center for more information or give us a call 24/7 on our crisis line.

Mandatory Reporting

Domestic Violence Advocates are not mandatory reporters under Oregon Law, that means the we are not required to make a report when we hear about abuse to vulnerable populations. We can opt to make reports in certain cases but we strive to not make a report without talking to you about it first. Some advocates at the Harbor may be mandatory reporters due to degrees they hold or other roles that they have. If an advocate is a mandatory reporter they will tell you this right away so that you can ask to speak with another advocate or choose to not disclose certain information. For more information see Mandatory Reporting Laws in Oregon


Understanding Advocate Confidentiality

All services provided at The Harbor are confidential. This means that advocates will never release any of your information, even the fact that you are working with us, without your direct written permission. Our advocates believe that you have a right to control who knows information about you and your privacy and safety are our priority. For more info about laws around confidentiality see Violence Against Women Act and ORS Rule 40.264 Rule 507-1

Client/Advocate Privilege

What you tell our advocates is privileged under law. This means that with a few exceptions, we can only release your information for use in a court case or administrative hearing with your permission. This privilege belongs to you as the survivor and if there is a court case you can work with an advocate to decide what information you would like shared. For more information see ORS Rule 40.264 Rule 507-1

Board of Directors

Kelly Peekstok, MD - Board Chair

Catriona Penfield- Secretary

Bill Van Nostran - Treasurer

Alysia Khendek - Board Member

Iolanda Ramirez - Board Member

We are always looking for passionate and dedicated people to join our Board of Directors. If you are interested in applying, please send us an email at

Equity and Inclusion

The Harbor serves clients of all genders and celebrates your unique identity. We strive to make sure our services are culturally relevant to every member of our community and recognize that domestic violence knows no boundaries around ethnicity, economic status, age or gender.


We partner with many culturally specific community resources to continue learning how we can best support our diverse client base, and are always interested in more information. If you see a way that we could improve or have an new partnership idea, please reach out and let us know! You are the expert of your experience and we want to hear from you.

Click here to see a list of just a few of our community partners with quick links to access their websites.

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