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Safe Bars Survey
What is your experience with unwelcome sexual contact at Clatsop county bars, breweries and/or restaurants? (Select all that apply)
In your opinion, whose responsibility is it to intervene if someone is being sexually harassed?
The Harbor has received several reports of suspected drink-spiking with drugs used to facilitate rape. We'd like to know more about your experience. (Select all that apply)
How did you learn about Clatsop County Safer Bars?

Thank you for your feedback!

Clatsop County Safer Bars Coalition

Clatsop County Safer Bars is a coalition of local bars, breweries, and restaurants who are commited to creating safe and thriv​ing nightlife communities.

Bars, breweries, and restaurants that participate in the Safer Bars program are leaders in our community.  They prioritize patron comfort and safety and understand that having a good time out is one where patrons don't have to worry about experiencing harassment and violence. In fact, Safer Bars regard such behavior as unacceptable.


They take responsibility for creating a bar environment that is inclusive, welcoming, and comfortable for all patrons and they take pride in the fact that by doing so, they are committing to a higher standard of customer service and experience, and community wellness. The Harbor is proud to partner with the following establishments to prevent violence and harassment in our community:

Why are bars important to sexual violence prevention?
  • 50% of sexual assaults involve alcohol use.

  • 90% of acquaintance rapes involve alcohol use.

  • 43% of sexual assaults involve alcohol use by the victim.

  • 69% of sexual assaults involve alcohol use by the perpetrator.

  •  By learning how to recognize and intervene in sexually aggressive situations, bartenders and other bar staff have the opportunity to make a large impact in ending sexual assault.


How does Clatsop County Safer Bars Coalition help prevent violence in our community?

Our evidence-based, bystander intervention training teaches bartenders and other bar staff how to be active bystanders by giving them the tools to safely and effectively intervene in uncomfortable, escalated, or aggressive situations. 

Bar staff who take our training are better able to detect early warning sings that a situation may become unsafe and are better able to intervene and prevent violence. 

Become a Safer Bar Coalition Member
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