Wish List

Purchasing an item from our Wish List is an amazing way to contribute something that a survivor truly needs, and get to know exactly where your donation is going.



Items on our Walmart registry usually include TracFones and TracFone minute plans. Often when survivors are in an abusive relationship, the person harming them asserts power and control by using tactics such as, monitoring their calls, texts, email communication and using cell phone technology to monitor location. The Harbor keeps phones on hand to provide survivors that are not connected to the person harming them  so they can safely make calls to our staff, shelters and other resources to successfully leave an abusive situation. When a survivor decides to leave an abusive situation it is the most dangerous time for them and their children. Access to these phones play a vital role in keeping survivors safe during this extremely dangerous time.



Items on our Amazon registry usually include toiletries and household goods for use in our Confidential Emergency Shelter. Our shelter houses up to four families at a time or twelve individuals who need confidential shelter due to domestic or sexual violence. Often when survivors have to make the decision to leave it is split second decision and they must choose to leave most of their belongings behind. At our shelter We provide all of the residents daily needs such as clothing, food, hygiene products, and school supplies. We are often in need of donations of products such as toilet paper, shampoo and conditioner and much more to meet this goal!

If you would rather purchase the items from a brick and mortar store and drop them off we gladly accept donations at our Advocacy Center during business hours.

Raincoats and Umbrellas - particularly in children’s sizes!

Sports Bras

Women’s & children’s underwear

Shoes, flip-flops (for shared bathroom use) and slippers

Tracphones. ( Flip ones that don’t require a google account to activate)

New Women’s and Kids pajamas and lounge clothes.

Safeway and Fred Meyer Gift Cards

Diapers/ Wipes


Full Size Toiletries – deodorant is very needed

New or gently used Back Packs and Tote Bags

Sheets and blankets

Towels and washclothes


A ninja blender base

Working coffee machine

We apologize for any inconvenience but we simply do not have the staff to sort through bags of donations or the space to store donations that we might not be able to immediately use. Therefore, we are requesting that all donations be either NEW in original packaging or VERY gently used, clean, folded and sorted.

Thank you for your consideration!

If you have made a donation online and wish to receive a receipt please email info@harbornw.org

The Harbor is dedicated to transparency and wants you to feel good about your contributions to our programs. If you ever have a questions about what an item on our registry will be used for, why we might need a certain item, or if items you currently have would be useful to us give us a call! We are always happy to answer any questions. 503-325-3426