16th Annual
Stone Soup Bowl

Once, a wandering tramp came nearby a village. He sat down and built a fire and put his soup pot on top of that fire. Into the pot he placed a stone. Soon, a curious villager came out to ask him what he was making. Stone soup! Was the answer he gave. It’s delicious, and you can share it with me, oh but only if we could add a carrot, it would be more delicious yet. The villager allowed as to how he had a carrot stashed away and soon that carrot was in the pot. Along came another villager and this one had onions he had been hiding, and another had beans, and yet another had some spices and soon, the whole community was fed, all because of one stone.

Every time we help a survivor reach their own fullest potential, we’re adding to that stone. We’re making a community based soup and it will take us all to end the scourge of domestic and sexual violence in Clatsop County. Thanks to you, we have a good start. Let’s celebrate it!

  • Friday, June 21, 5:30 pm

  • Loft at the Red Building, 20 Basin St.

  • Handmade bowls by Richard Rowland and his students and volunteers at Astoria’s anagama kiln.

  • Donated soups, salad, breads & desserts from the North Coast’s finest restaurants.

  • Silent auction, paddle raise & bag raffle. Wine, beer & cocktails.

bowls over view from red building.jpg

If you have already purchased tickets and have lost them, don’t worry! We have everyone’s name on the list and you can just tell us at the door. If you have NOT purchased tickets for the Soup Bowl, also don’t worry! We have a limited number of tickets available to sell at the door. Can’t wait to see everyone tomorrow!

Thank you so much to everyone who has donated and volunteered their time to the Soup Bowl!