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Volunteer Training: Understanding Those Who Abuse, Stalk and Sexually Offend

These volunteer trainings are free and open to the public with particular emphasis on our Community Partners. They’re a great way to find out more about a particular topic - or come to all of them to discover some of the background of advocate training at The Harbor.

This training with guest speaker Christine Crowe from Choices Counseling will help give you a fuller understanding of those who choose to abuse. Intervention begins not with the survivor but with the abuser - and this training will help you learn to differentiate the myths from the realities. Despite pervasive myths, domestic violence is not perpetrated because someone has anger issues, abuses alcohol or drugs, or because they had a violent childhood. Most perpetrators of domestic violence had role models who solved conflict without resorting to abusive tactics.

Please note that these classes are only part of the full volunteer training and attendance does not confer Harbor volunteer status on any participant or lead to Advocate Certification.