Support Groups

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The Harbor provides support groups for individuals who might benefit from peer-based, confidential groups which are run by specially trained advocates. Our groups are designed to support healing of the mind and spirit due to intimate partner violence, sexual assault or stalking.

Groups offered by The Harbor:

Helping End Abusive Relationship Tendencies (H.E.A.R.T)

The HEART group is an open group for women who have, or are currently experiencing domestic violence.  There is course material is based on an 11 week curriculum about understanding unhealthy relationship dynamics, developing healthy relationships and seeking community support networks.

Skills Building Group

The Skills Building Group is a weekly class with rotating curriculum which focuses on skills to thrive in independence.  This includes financial literacy, understanding community resources, parenting through traumatic experiences and skills for trauma recovery.

The Courage to Heal 

The Courage to Heal support group is a workbook let program designed to walk survivors of sexual abuse through the healing process.  The group is able to work through the book together and use evidence-based curriculum to gain support through shared experience.

If you, or someone you know, would benefit from any of these groups please call our 24/7 crisis line: 503-325-5735