The Harbor offers services to all survivors of domestic and sexual violence, as well as friends and family who care about survivors. We understand that your experience of violence is only one part of your life, and we strive to work together with you to support you as a whole person. 

If you or someone you know would like support, please call our 24/7 crisis line: 503-325-5735

~Stalking: Our advocates are well versed on all information regarding stalking orders. Call the crisis line or visit our drop-in advocacy center for more information.

~Risk Assessment: This is literally assessing the risk to victims.  This is one of the first things done when meeting with an advocate.  This is a test to assess red flags of abuse.

~Safety Planning: Safety planning consists of making sure that whether the victim is staying with their abuser or planning to leave, there is a plan to make sure they stay safe.  The plan is specific to the person and their lifestyle.  Advocates are well trained to put together plans that can include safety surrounding technology, “bug out” bags, relocating to other states or safe houses, helping with transportation costs, going to court to retain restraining orders, and other plans to keep the victim(s) safe.

~Emergency Shelter:  We can assess eligibility for safe housing and provide immediate, overnight shelter for someone who’s been assaulted.

~Protective Order Assistance: Our advocates are trained to help with 4 different types of orders…Sexual Abuse Protective Orders, Elder Abuse Protective Orders, Family Abuse Protective Orders, and Stalking Orders.  Each is very specific and should be done with an advocate to make sure survivors/victims are receiving the correct Order to keep them safe.

~Information referral: We have information at The Harbor to insure gaps are filled in for services.  If we don’t offer it, we likely know who does and can put you in touch with those resources.  We also provide referral forms to help with Social services such as Day Care Assistance, Food Stamps, DHS, etc. We have information on every resource available.

~S.A.V.E Fund: The S.A.V.E Fund helps pay for hospital expenses (specifically ER visits and/or medical services concerning sexual assault). This can help pay for forensic exams, Plan B, and other parts of the hospital visit after an assault.

~Legal & Medical Advocacy: Victims have the right to have an advocate with them when speaking to Law Enforcement as well as lawyers.  The advocates at The Harbor are well versed in victims’ rights and can help advise (and sometimes speak for) victims in court, while speaking with police officers, or during medical interviews.  Our advocates can be the voice to the voiceless.