D/SART Domestic & Sexual Assault Response Team

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D/SART, or the Domestic & Sexual Assault Response Team, is comprised of individuals who are certified Victim Advocates who are trained to provide emergency advocacy services to domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking victims.  The Harbor’s D/SART team members work (with permission of the victim) in concert with local law enforcement agencies, healthcare providers, county prosecutors and batterer management professionals.

In the event of a reported domestic/sexual assault, D/SART Responders can provide primary response to victims requesting their service from 4pm to 9am on weekdays and 24 hours on weekends.  Team members routinely respond to calls from  Astoria, Warrenton, Seaside, and Cannon Beach police departments as well as Columbia Memorial and Seaside Providence Hospitals.   The medical community and law enforcement agencies of Clatsop County has enjoyed a cooperative partnership to provide victims with this important resource since 1998, setting precedence for other organizations around the state to create after hours response resources of their own.

Support and Services Provided by D/SART Responders

~Immediate crisis intervention to provide support utilizing a firm knowledge of emotional and physical response to assault, coping strategies, and stages of trauma and recovery.

~Methods of easing recovery, including inventorying and referring victim to existing services, providing recovery materials, and

setting up support networks.

~Safety planning to assist victims with decisions regarding immediate safety, including finding shelter, financial needs, communicating

with employers and follow-up support.

~Accompaniment to  receive medical attention.  D/SART responder may travel with, or meet victim for medical attention,

Sexual Assault Examination, STD testing, Plan B contraception, or any combination of those.

~Advocating for victims rights to Justice.  This includes victims rights pamphlets, case specific historical information to responding

officer (with consent) documentation for District Attorney’s office and local law enforcement (again, with victims consent).

Documentation assists in the prosecution of abuser, and when warranted, initiates funding through

Victims Assistance Program.

If you, or someone you know is in need of the above assistance,  please call the crisis line.

If you are interested in learning how you can become a Domestic/Sexual Assault Response Team Advocate, call 503-325-3426 Ext. 107.

Numbers to call

503-325-5735 Crisis Line

1-877-770-5735 Toll free

503-325-3426 office

801 Commercial Street, Lower Level, Astoria, OR 97103